Maximum Daily Requirement I
Dry/Sensitive Skin, Combination/Dry
Multiple liposomes delivers ingredients beyond your skins surface so this cream works in your skin not on your skin! This unique formula supports every requirement for healthy ageless skin. Global cream performs and balances skin in every environment. Stimulates collagen, hydration repair & recovery, nourishes with a multiple vitamin (liposome A,C & E) beta-carotene complex (liposome). Protects from environmental assaults with superoxide dismutase (liposome) & chlorella vulgaris, soothes sensitivities with a multi-complex of herbs. Skin will take on a hydrated soft feel & glow! The appearance of lines & wrinkles will diminish. Results driven & achieved!
Client Benefits:
6-in-1 = eyes, face, neck & decolletage cream, day & night cream. Penetrates like no other moisturizer you have experienced before! All active ingredients in liposomes form.
To Use:
First apply Future Youth & Moisture Enter-lock, while damp apply a pea-sized amount to entire face, neck, lips and eye areas AM & PM, enjoy! Apply a little more around eyes & mouth if needed, let absorb.
For intense repair of the eye & lip area eye area use Eye-Dration Eye and Lip Cream.

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